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How to play Laser Shooter

Laser Shooter - Laser Game Explanatory Video
This video shows you how Laser Shooter is played

- Put the Laser tag vest on.

- Shoot opponents inside the laser game arena with the provided laser guns.

- Shooting is done by pressing the yellow button and pulling the trigger.

- Opponents can be shot wherever the vest lights are.

- When you are hit, your laser game vest deactivates for 5 seconds. When it comes back on, you have one second where you can shoot your opponents but they cannot shoot you.

- After the laser game, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of how you performed during the laser game with individual scorecards.

Laser Shooter GO PRO video showing entire laser tag experience

The Entire Laser Shooter Laser Game Experience

Lazer Ops uses high quality laser tag vests in Hyderabad which provide an incredibly fun experience. 


The guns have an amazing accuracy and response time and are the best laser guns in the laser tag industry.

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