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Everything you need to know about Laser Shooter and Laser Tag Laser Games in India.

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Are the lazers from the Laser Shooter Laser Guns harmful?


The lasers that the Laser Shooter guns use are graded as Class-II lasers and are completely harmless to humans. 

Is Laser Tag like paintball?


Laser Tag is a shooting game like paintball but it is much more fun!
Laser Tag has been described as paintball without the pain(t).
Laser tag takes all the fun elements of paintball and adds much more to the experience whilst taking away of the negative aspects of paintball!

How do you play Laser Tag?


At Laser Shooter, you wear the Laser Vests that we provide and go into the laser tag arena and shoot your opponents for points! Check our HOW TO PLAY VIDEO for detailed information about the game. 

How will I know how well I did during the game?


After the Laser Shooter game, we provide individual scorecards to each player showing a detailed analysis of their performance

How many people are required to play Laser tag?


Laser Tag at Laser Shooter can be played by upto 15 people (depending on which laser game arena you visit). It requires a minimum of 2 people to play. We highly recommend coming in a group to play as the Laser Shooter experience is much better when played in a bigger group.

What are the different game mode in Laser Shooter?


Lazer Ops can be played in a number of ways!
Our standard games are TEAM and SOLO. You can modify each Laser Game to fit your specific need. You can have limited ammo, limited lives, team bases, special powers, mines, etc.! The possibilities are endless!

Do you have any Birthday or Corporate Packages at Laser Shooter?


Of course! We offer group discounts (to large groups of 30+ players). All you have to do is email us in advance to ask for the offers and we'll tailor make one for you at Laser Shooter.

Where can I play Laser Shooter?


Laser Shooter currently has 3 laser game / laser tag arenas in Hyderabad.Check the ARENAS page for more information.

Are there any age restrictions to play a shooting game at Laser Shooter?


At Laser Shooter, we are happy to let any one from any age play! If the customer can carry the vest around without a problem, we have no problem at all! However, it might be difficult for kids below 5 years to play. You are welcome to come and try to see if your kid can handle the vest.

Is Laser Shooter the same as Lazer Ops?


Laser Shooter was formerly known as Lazer Ops (which used to be known as LaserMaxx!). It's still the same (and better!) laser shooting game experience! 

What special games can I play at Laser Shooter?


Laser Shooter offers a variety of game play modes to keep the experience from getting repitive. There are games such as Team Base, Vampire, VIP, Special Powers, etc.

Can I make an advance booking online for my Laser Shooter laser game?


Of course you can! Head over to our BOOKINGS page and fill out the form to make an easy online booking.

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